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damson jam (225g)

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This is the artisan jam equivalent of a rich, sweet, full-bodied red wine.

We consider ourselves damson connoisseurs. There at least eight varieties of damson…but we choose not to reveal which we use. Suffice to say, we experimented with them all before finalising our selection and combining them for optimal flavour as the seasons change.

Damsons grow wild across Hampshire and within hedgerows of many private estates where we climb trees and pick the best fruit with childish delight. Each tiny wild fruit is carefully selected from the tree. The wild damsons we prefer are dark, the size of a grape and have a stone in the middle. Their tart, sharp taste has an edge.

The damson is best cooked with the stone in as it improves the flavour and the set of the jam. Removing each stalk before cooking by hand and removing all the stones after cooking is somewhat laborious but it is a labour of love – indeed, damson is the most labour-intensive jam we make. It's what makes a jam an artisan jam.

The damsons turn black as they cook with the sugar, producing a unique and stunning aroma.

Another of our world champions for your breakfast table. Childhood memories on toast or perfect with a croissant.

The adventurous might try:

  • Damson jam and cheese.
  • Serving it with rice pudding.
  • As a complement to a whisky pudding.
  • It makes a wonderful sponge cake.
  • A brilliant doughnut filling.

Vegetarian (V), Vegan (Ve), Nut Free (NF), Gluten-Free (GF), Soya Free (SF)


Damsons, sugar.

Nutritional information:

Per 100g
Energy kJ 1056kJ
Energy kcal 251kcal
Total Fat 0.3
of which saturates 0.1g
Carbohydrate 61.6g
of which sugars 51.9g
Fibre 0.8g
Protein 0.1g
Salt 0.13g
57g of fruit per 100g
60g of sugar per 100g